AMS is a full service Aquarium Maintenance company that specializes in wild caught and tank raised african cichlids in our 4,000 gallon facility. We are a direct importer of African cichlids from lake Malawi and lake Tanganyika. We are fully capable of shipping both domestically and internationally. We have many different plans available to help us help you keep your Aquarium in top shape, with clean, beautiful, and healthy fish.  We can schedule your cleaning visits on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis, as needed to keep your Aquarium properly maintained. .

Our professional services are:

  • Aquatic Life Maintenance
  • Aquascape and Decorating
  • Initial Aquarium Setup / Cycling
  • Designing filtration systems for your Aquarium
  • Designing a layout for your Aquarium
  • Special Themed Environments!
    • African Reef
    • Marine
    • Living and Artificial Coral Reefs
    • and more!
  • Providing our customers with beautiful tropical fish
  • Providing our customers with quality parts such as heaters, lighting setups, filters, and more!

At AMS, we tender specifically to our existing and new clients, which helps us provide our clients with our full detailed attention.  Your bid for the installation or maintenance needs of your new or existing aquarium can be provided to you within just a few days.  Maintenance or Installation services are calculated using a number of variables based on the design and specifications of your aquatic environment.  Please look forward to our new Maintenance Packages!

We would like to thank you for visiting our website!  Please make yourself at home and feel free to browse our site using the menu above!

Butch Livingston
-Owner, AMS